A morning at the Englischer Garten [Munich documentary family photographer]

A few people have asked me lately whether I am still shooting families. Well, yes I am! Just not as often as last year, as my other baby, Documentary Family Photographers Worldwide, has been keeping me quite busy.

Anyway, I just delivered this session, and as it usually happens, I’m obsessed with this gorgeous family. I wonder if it’s just me who falls in love with all her customers?

As always, a few favorites from the session, and the slideshow at the end. Enjoy!

I only have a few free weekends until the end of the year. So hurry up and book your documentary family session asap!!

Alejandro turns 1 month {Munich newborn photographer}

I think newborns might be my favorite subject ever. Alejandro was already one month old when we met, and the morning I came to their place, all he wanted was to lie down on his crib or stay in mom's arms (was there ever a better place to sleep?) I must admit he wasn't the easiest baby to photograph, but the truth is, I'm really pleased with the outcome!