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"Enjoy the little things in life, because one day you'll look back and realize they were big things" (Kurt Vonnegut)

I'm a family photographer specializing in storytelling and documentary photography. My goal is to capture real life as it is, so my photo sessions are relaxed, fun and easygoing. They can take place either at your place or at a mutually agreed location, and they last between one hour and a whole day. All you have to do is be yourself!

I like to document everything, not just big dates and milestones, but also everything that happens in between. Those not-so-little-things that easily go unnoticed, and that will probably mean most in the years to come.

We tend to focus on the big things, milestones, special dates or first times. But the moments that usually mean the most are the ones that happen all the time, those that are often taken for granted... until they stop happening. Like when he used to ask for a hug every day (until he became a teenager and I started being the one to beg for a cuddle), her "I love you - I love you more!" races with Dad or his loud and contagious laugh. Those moments.

So, how about remembering your life as it is right now, documented in a fresh, beautiful way, with no unnecessary ornaments? Whether it's ballet class, football training, baking or doing the groceries, an ordinary day with your family, a day full of those ordinary moments that make your family unique and would otherwise be forgotten. These pictures will be a gift for your children (and also for you) in the future.

You can find out more about my storytelling sessions here and here.

I'm Spanish, but I'm based in Munich. I serve all the greater Munich area and occasionally I'm available in Madrid and south of Spain as well.  

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