What is a storytelling session? 

A storytelling session is unscripted and not  posed, it reflects real life, so it focuses on the bonds between the family members and on the moments, rather than on the aesthetics. In a few years from now, you'll probably want to remember how your family was, not how you looked. Each storytelling session is different, because each family is different. Once you try it, you'll probably want to do one every year! 

There are different types of sessions: the shorter ones, which last between 1-2 hours, and the longer ones which last half a day (4-6 hours) and a whole day (8-10 hours). There is no posing, no script, it's plain real life, you can wear what you want, you don't need to change anything in your home, you and your family just need to be yourselves.

But my house is cluttered, I need to clean up. And we're boring!

Then embrace the chaos! It's how you are, and when you look at those pictures in some years, you'll want to see the real you, with your imperfections. I'm sure they'll make you smile. And believe me, no family is boring. I thought so myself until I had my very first Half Day in the Life session. And I never looked back! 

We all remember the big dates: birthdays, weddings, special events... but how about the everyday? It's who you truly are, it's where your life happens, so a storytelling session is priceless.

So, how do we prepare for our session? 

 You basically don't have to do anything special, besides being yourselves. If it's a short session it might be a good idea to plan a couple of activities you enjoy doing together, like feeding the birds or baking (I can help you decide), at home and/or outside. For the longer sessions there's no need to plan, just let life unfold. 

Remember we want to capture real life, so you don't need to clean up your house or dress fancy. Just wear what you would normally wear, and act as you would normally do. 

What happens if the kids have a bad day?

Kids have bad days all the time, so I take it as part of real life. I don't reschedule sessions unless they go terribly bad, which (fingers crossed), hasn't happened yet. Or unless someone is unexpectedly ill, or if we had planned for an outdoor session and the weather is terrible (although I find pictures in the rain can be gorgeous!)

Do you provide prints? Or digitals?

All short session packages include digitals (more or less depending on the package you choose), and some of them include prints, too. The longer sessions (Half a Day and a Day in the Life) include both digitals and prints.

Get in touch with me through my contact form and I'll be happy to email you my detailed price list.  

Do I have to decide the package before the session? 

Before the session, you only need to decide if you want a short (1-2 hours) or a long session (4-6 hours or 8-10).

There are three packages for the short sessions, but you only have to pay half of the basic package to block your date, and the other half on the day of the session, before it begins. Once I've culled and edited the pictures I'll send you a link to a password protected gallery, where you can choose your favorites. If necessary, I'll email you an invoice with the price difference. 

The longer sessions are all inclusive, you pay a fixed price and you'll get a slide show and all the edited digitals. In order to secure your date you also need to pay half of the basic package fee, and the rest on the day of the session. 

 I believe pictures are not such until they are in paper, so photo books are available for all types of sessions, as well as fine art prints. I use a specialized photo lab which uses first quality paper, so your pictures look gorgeous and last longer. 

Do we get to choose the pictures? 

As a photographer, you are paying me for my time and knowledge. So I'll make the initial culling and only edit the images I consider the very best. I will then show you these through a password protected gallery, or we can see them together if you like. And then you'll get to chose however many pictures you want to purchase. 

Will you publish our pictures online? 

I try to blog every session, and to keep my social media active by publishing my recent work. I understand some pictures may be private, so I won't publish those if you don't want me to. In any case, I'd never publish anything I wouldn't want published myself. If a family wishes to keep all the pictures private, the pricing structure might change.