day in the life and 1/2 day in the life sessions

Life is short and it's made of moments. Children grow fast and once they move on, we are left with our memories and hopefully, some pictures to revive them. Day in the life sessions document you family daily life, with its routines, chaos and particularities, all those little (or big) things that make you special. Because every family is different and unique. 

I like to document everything, not just big dates and milestones, but also everything that happens in between. Those not-so-little-things that easily go unnoticed, will probably mean most in the years to come. We tend to focus on the big moments, milestones, special dates or first times. But the moments that usually mean the most are the ones that keep happening, the ones that are often taken for granted... until they stop happening. Like when he asked for a hug every day (until he became a teenager and I started being the one to beg for a cuddle), her "I love you - I love you more!" races with Dad or his loud and contagious laugh. Those moments.

So, how about remembering your life as it is right now, documented in a fresh, beautiful way, with no unnecessary ornaments? Whether it's ballet class, football training, baking or doing the groceries, an ordinary day with your family, a day full of those ordinary and and precious moments that make your family unique and would otherwise be forgotten? Pictures that will be a gift for your children (and for you) in the future.

You don't have to dress up, clean up your house or plan anything special. You and your family can relax, just need to be yourselves. I will come to your home and I'll tell your story in pictures. Maybe your plan is looking after your two toddlers, playing cards at home or just bath and dinner time. I'm up for everything! These are priceless moments and that's what life is made of.

All Day In The Life sessions and 1/2 DITL sessions include a print credit to spend towards an album or some artwork, because there's a story behind these pictures and it should be showcased like it deserves. Get in touch with me at hello(at) or through my contact form and I'll be more than happy to chat and answer any questions you may have.